Ranking Implications

A run down of how the rankings could look after this weekend’s games in round 2 of the Rugby Championship¬† (25th August 2018)…

We’ll update this page as the weeks go on so check back to see what could happen in future games.

Click below to jump to a specific game or scroll down to see the whole lot and how the day might progress. Each subsequent game will include the most likely outcome (by our predictions) from the previous games.

New Zealand v Australia

A win for New Zealand would see them gain no points by virtue of being greater than 10 points ahead of Australia with home advantage.

An away win for Australia however, would see them gain substantial points, and leapfrog England and Wales to go into 3rd place. New Zealand would remain in 1st, just over 2 points ahead of Ireland.

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Argentina v South Africa

An away win for South Africa would gain them 0.52 points, but no rise in the rankings. Argentina however, would drop out of the top 10, being replaced by Japan.

A win for Argentina however, would see them gain around a point and a half, rising to 9th, with South Africa dropping to 7th behind Scotland.

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