Current Rankings

Below are the current World Rugby Rankings as calculated by World Rugby. These will be updated as soon as possible after each match to reflect the standings as close to live as possible.

World Rugby often wait until the Monday after the matches have been played to update their standings which, as we can all agree, is far too long to wait for up to date statistics.

For a run down of how this weekend’s games could affect the rankings, and how they might look come the end of the weekend, see here.

[Updated 26th August 2018 11AM]


Historical Rugby Rankings

The below shows how the teams rankings have moved over time, game by game, in various tournaments. Should you wish to see further back, or for different teams, please get in contact. We can provide all teams back to 1871 should you desire.


World Rugby only provide rankings as far back as 2003 so, for example, should you wish to see how good the Welsh team of the 70s was (see below for a sneak peak), or even the British Lions should they be ranked, please give us a shout and we can provide.

We are working on a way to provide this information in a more usable format so this can be seen without specific requests on the website. Watch this space. Carefully.